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AD Designs Discount Replacement Program

Who is eligible?

The original purchaser only. AD Designs warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.

How long is the program?

1 year from the original date of purchase.

When can the program be used?

When the consumer has accidentally physically damaged the speaker or subwoofer by overdriving it mechanically or electrically (please read below "Causes of Accidental Voice Coil Abuse").

What is the discount for taking advantage of the program?

60% off of the current full retail price of the original speaker or subwoofer and trading in the damaged speaker or subwoofer .

Why offer such a discount?

When accidents occur, AD Designs is still here helping customers in every way.

Causes of Accidental Voice Coil Abuse

When a speaker is mechanically overdriven or electrically abused, the voice coil may start to burn.  When this happens your speakers will start to give off a burning smell.  The smell is coming from the glue that holds the voice coil together.  You should then determine why your speakers are getting too hot. 

If a speaker fails mechanically, then it either has too large of an amplifier running it or is in a poorly built sub enclosure.  If a speaker fails electrically, it is from receiving a clipped signal from the amplifier.  One cause of clipping is by simply overdriving the input stage of the amplifier.  This can be done by turning the volume or other tone controls up too high which will send a clipped signal to the amplifier's input stage.  In return, the amplifier will amplify distortion.  The second cause of clipping is by overdriving the output stage of the amplifier.  This is caused when the input stage of the amplifier receives a signal so high that it overdrives the outputs of the amplifier.  An amplifier's gain control is to be matched to a head unit's output voltage.  The best way to do this is with an oscilloscope.  After a system is tuned with an oscilloscope, it is very important not to listen to the system by adjusting the volume or tone controls at a higher level than what was used to tune it.  Another cause for an amplifier to send out a clippped signal is by not having enough amperage or voltage to power everything in your electrical system.  When an amplifier does not have enough voltage or amperage then it compensates by sending out DC voltage which burns the voice coil.  Also an amplifier's power supply will melt when it's input power is too low. The most common solutions to boost your electrical system for your high powered system is to add a high output alternator, additional batteries, or both.  You should contact your AD Designs dealer to determine which would be best for your system.

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