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We decided it was time to fulfill our dream and create car audio product better than anything we have ever offered at each given price point. Therefore, AD Designs was created when Audio Dynamics hired a world class U.S. subwoofer manufacturer with over 60 years of experience to produce the 1000 thru the 4000 series subwoofers and oversee the production of our Premium Series amplifiers. 3000 and 4000 Series prototypes were tested and final production was finished in late December. Plans also began for adding the 1000 and 2000 Premium Series subwoofers, the Premium Series amplifiers ranging from 600 to 5000 watts RMS, and Premium Sound Deadening material. Customers were amazed with the performance of the new 3000 and 4000 Premium Series subwoofers.


The 1000 and 2000 Premium Series subwoofers, and the Premium Series amplifiers, were finished in April. Our new was launched before summer. In November, design began on the Standard and Mini Series amplifiers, hi-end components, hi-end coaxials, and 500 Series subwoofers. By the end of 2011, we had tested our complete line of Premium Series subwoofers and amplifiers by installing and selling hundreds of them to many satisfied Audio Dynamics customers. Now it was time for us to introduce AD Designs to the United States dealer base.


Prototype components and coaxials were tested to satisfy our deep passion to create realistic sound systems for the automotive environment. To do this, a speaker should not sound like just a speaker, but rather a tonally accurate, live sounding, musical reproduction. We tested aluminum, carbon fiber, glass fiber, polypropylene, kevlar, and paper. Our final result after hours of listening was that a perfect blended paper cone and the finest silk dome tweeter created the most tonally accurate musical reproduction. We then tested our prototypes against other brands costing 2-3 times as much. These tests were conducted with several blind listeners and also comparing RTA measurements. We knew we were on to something special when every listener picked our AD Designs prototypes. After years in the retail business, we have seen many companies use hype and flash, and disregard the fact that accurate music reproduction is what car audio should be all about. Prototype 500 Series subwoofers were designed to be a great all around subwoofer at an unbeatable price. Prototype Standard and Mini Series amplifiers were also rigorously tested to make sure that they would deliver the best bang for your buck while maintaining a high level of sound quality. Production of the Standard and Mini Series amplifiers, hi-end components, hi-end coaxials, and 500 Series 10" and 12" subwoofers, started in the fall. Production was finally complete in late December.


Prototypes were tested and confirmed for the new 1000 Series coaxial line that will set a new standard for sound quality entry priced speakers. Our prototype 500 Series 8" subwoofer was also confirmed for production. Production was started in April and will be finished in June.

AD Designs is a privately owned family car audio brand and we would like to welcome you to join our family of car audio enthusiasts. Thanks for taking the time to check out AD Designs and we look forward to doing business with you.

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