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History and Experience


I became passionate about car audio at the age of 16 and started doing my own installs. I started showing my work off at any chance I could get.


While attending St. Louis University for aeronautical engineering, I started doing custom installs for a growing customer base which I always backed with a lifetime installation warranty.


Instead of recommending equipment for me to install for my customers, I now decided to sell them my recommended equipment.  Audio Dynamics was born. I built my first display and wood shop in my grandparents garage. On my display were four custom built component sets of which I built the crossovers. They consisted of Focal, Dynaudio, Morel, Vifa, and Seas drivers which were matched to crossovers utilizing air core inductors, metalized polypropolene capacitors and link wound resistors. The subwoofer line that I used was USD. The amplifier line I started selling was Focal, Audison and Blade. Many people don’t realize that these brands were first imported into the United States in 1993.  My passion for sound quality led me to study the frequency response of different speakers, time alignment of speaker placement, passive crossover design, and speaker enclosure design.


I moved my growing business into my first house. I added a detached garage for my dedicated install bay and wood shop. I then had expanded my hi-end mix to offer Monolithic hand-built amps from California, custom built component sets using Cabasse drivers and the full line of Audio Art.


I purchase my first RTA (Real Time Analyzer). The Linear X RTA enabled me to fine tune 30 band equalizers to reach the ultimate in-car frequency response. I also added Zapco to my product mix.


The business had grown drastically and it was time to open my first store front. Since 1993 I had saved some profit and grown my inventory to a level which enabled me to open my retail storefront without a loan. The store consisted of 2200 sq.ft., next door the largest Chrysler dealership, and had Hwy 67 frontage. Finally a dream come true. Now Audio Dynamics had grown from just me to now having two employees plus me. My brand list now included Alpine, Soundstream, Diamond Audio, Phoenix Gold, Eclipse, Kenwood, and Image Dynamics.


Audio Dynamics designed, built, and fine tuned thirteen customers’ vehicles that competed in the USAC sound quality competition circuit. At the end of the year, seven vehicles had qualified to go to the World Finals in Kansas City, MO. Four vehicles were taken to the World Finals and three placed in the top four of their power classes.


Audio Dynamics built the ultimate sound quality system for Anthony Rodriquez in his BMW 323i. Anthony traveled all over the United States competing in the USAC competition circuit. He broke the national USAC points record by collecting more than sixty trophies in one year! The system consisted of Image Dynamics Pro horns, Diamond Audio Hex 6” midbass, Diamond Audio Hex 12” subwoofers, Genesis Amplifiers from England, custom passive 18db 2-way crossover between the horns and midbass, and a complete stealth installation.


Audio Dynamics moved to the heart of Farmington’s shopping district, Maple Valley.


Audio Dynamics expanded it’s selection to include Bravox, Memphis Car Audio, Planet Audio, JVC, Kenwood Excelon, Panasonic, and Profile. The selected brands covered more price points and selection than ever before. With the addition of an in-store demo car, broadened selection, a dedicated hi-end demo room, and total of 3 employees, business grew 54%!

We also built our loudest demo show car, a custom built 1996 red Honda Civic hatchback. Four Bravox EDX 12” subwoofers were installed in a wall powered by 4000 watts RMS of Memphis MOJO amplification. To keep up with the insane amount of bass, the doors were custom glassed to house four Bravox carbon fiber component sets powered by 600 watts RMS of Memphis MClass amplification. The juice for the amplifiers was provided by eight SVR100 batteries.


Audio Dynamics moved next door to its new current location, a 6500 sq. ft. top of the line facility. The demo room received a facelift with our new in-house built display. The newly built display is comprised of arced cabinets. This allows the customer to now hear all of our speaker selection on the same listening axis. The showroom now had two demo cars, the insane red Civic hatchback and an Acura Integra. The Integra was used to switch out sub enclosures so now our customers could hear any sub in the store in a car before they purchased it. 


Audio Dynamics opened a second location at 8115 North Lindbergh in Florissant, MO. The addition of what I call the amp/car switcher display was also created at both stores. Every amplifier that we carry was installed and powered on a display cabinet. The output of the cabinet was piped into a Civic hatchback. The back of the hatchback was left as a blank carpeted floor. Now we had the ultimate ability to show the customer any amplifier and any subwoofer we carried in a car! This created hundreds of possible demo systems in one demo car! No other shop in the industry has such an ability to “put your money where your mouth is” or the “proof is in the pudding”. 

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