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Went down today to check out the new line of AD components. I have been shopping for a while and have been searching high end brands like Hertz, Focal, Bravox, & Audison. All I have to say is WOW! I was completely blown away. The attention to detail and expertise that has went into designing these speakers is nothing short of amazing. I honestly did not expect them to out perform the other brands in a side by side comparison. AD components just may be a true game changer!

— Anthony C.

True story, last night I was with the ex manager of the Audio Express in St Peters, and the current install manager of the South County Location... I let them hear my car without a mention of what brand my components were. Both people said, and I quote "this is the best sounding set of components that I have ever heard. That the natural tonal quality was way beyond anything that they had heard before." When I told them that it was AD Designs and showed them what I paid.... the install manager looked like he wanted to cry, and the other replied "Game Changer".

— Anthony C.

I was fortunate to have heard the 2000 mids and the 3000 tweets and they are an absolute pleasure to listen to. I have heard top of the line Focals, HAT, Dynaudio, and the likes and I liked the ADs better than the others. No listening fatique, very detailed and crisp without being harsh or "in your face". Can't wait to get a pair in the car.

— Brian B.

I had the privilege of comparing a set of the 2000 series coaxial speaker against a set that cost literally 10 times more and I blind picked the AD speakers!!! I have a fairly good ear too, I could not believe it.

— Justin D.

I heard a set he had on the board and it blew away every other brand at a tenth of the price...and i do like to think i have a very good ear. Any of us old stereo junkies know when we hear the good stuff.

— Matt P.

Being able to switch from speaker to speaker on the demo board without changing radio volume or amps is pretty awesome...everyone even if they are not interested in door speakers.  I make them compare and pick which one sounds best....probably 90% pick AD Designs.

— Ultimate Audio & Fabrication - Authorized Dealer

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