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Premium Amplification

Premium amplifiers feature the most flexible controls so you can direct the exact frequencies to each speaker of your soundstage.

Water-resistant Wool Pulp Cones

Hear a life-like tone and texture to voices and instruments while resisting water damage.


in the U.S.A

40+ years of amplifier engineering experience. 

Stephen Mantz engineers our Premium amplifiers from the ground up featuring hi-end sound quality, the most flexible crossover controls, and our APEC non distortion circuit.

Active 3-way Component Set

High performance wool cone midrange and midbass drivers delivering rich, lifelike, accurate tonality, topped off with German silk tweeters for pristine high frequency reproduction with all frequencies being directed electronically by Premium 6 channel amplification 

Need Premium Power?

The Premium Series amplifiers are engineered in the USA with superior, full-range, Class D technology that surpasses the expectations of the most critical listener. 

Live Performance Sound

AD Designs perfectly blended wool pulp cones and hi-quality German silk dome tweeters achieve the most natural, tonally accurate, dynamic, and detailed sound reproduction ever experienced in car audio.

High Performance Car Audio

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